Phage Phriday

Phage Phriday is a weekly one hour long show on phage related subjects. The show is on Clubhouse, an app available on Android and Itunes. The format is a Q&A with audience participation. Our listeners are usually other phage scientists and trainees but we welcome people of all backgrounds. The hosts are Drs. Adriana Hernandez, Jean-Paul Pirnay and Sabrina Green. Our shows have ranged in subject mstter from patient advocates of phage therapy to the science of phage in space.

Links to some episodes are below. We welcome anyone that wants to talk about their science or company!

Phage in Space

Phages for Global Health

Phage Taxonomy

Salt in My Soul Documentary

Other episodes on YouTube

We take suggestions! Would you like to talk during one of our Clubhouse talks or do you know someone you want to hear from or hear about?!

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